WOD: 8-27-12

Strength: 100 Wall Runs

Partner WOD: For time:

1-11 Thrusters (95/65)
1-11 Burpees

One partner does Burpees while the other does Thrusters. Upon finishing, partners will switch exercises and perform:

11-1 Burpees
11-1 Thrusters

If the bar is dropped in between a descending set of reps, the person doing Burpees has to do twice as many.


Start doing rock, paper, scissors over who gets to do Thrusters second on this workout, because dropping the bar and making your partner do twice as many Burpees will be a great experience for not you.  This twist on an old Saturday workout came when Coach Ben and I were thinking how we could make it even worse.  This is what we put together and I think it will go over well.  Very similar format with the added risk of having to double up on the Burpees.  So be sure to pick your partners wisely and that they can do Thrusters like a boss.  Also please be mindful of the Labor Day schedule.  See you all tomorrow!  Oh and one last thing…I don’t care if you are tired of it by now,

Happy Birthday to me!!!,




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